When it comes to the overall look and feel of property, there’s no underestimating the power of good landscaping. With the ability to frame the property, create a sense of elegance, or just beautify the surroundings, landscaped greenery improves the look of a space immeasurably. Working in landscaping means providing your services in all kinds of settings and locations, from residential jobs to commercial contracts. The nature of landscaping, though, makes it a very physical and demanding job. Depending on the size of your landscaping company’s crew it can also be very time-consuming. What if you could reduce the amount of physical labour your team performs while boosting daily productivity at the same time?

McLoughlin Mini Diggers, headquartered near the Sunshine Coast, has the perfect solution for your company. Our versatile and heavy duty mini diggers enable you to perform all kinds of jobs without the need for back-breaking work. These versatile machines make quick work of all sorts of landscaping tasks and incorporate excellent quality parts that last. More than that, though, these diggers offer many specific advantages for your company. Before you decide to buy a mini digger for your Sunshine Coast operations, consider just a few of these ways they can make your job simpler and faster.

Scrub Master Mini Loader


• Affordable entry level loader
• Dual axis controls for ease of use
• Twin oil pump system

Bush Ranger Mini loader


• Has high flow triple pump
• Full joy stick control
• Auxiliary line has a designated pump

Tracked Bush Ranger Mini Loader


• Excellent for use in mud & soft soil
• Made of 6mm steel for durability
• Can be fitted in under 10 minutes

Increase the number of jobs you take in Sunshine Coast with a mini digger.

A single landscaping job could involve multiple different activities. If planting new greenery, holes will need to be dug and soil moved into place. Heavy plants will need hoisting and relocating, too. These tasks can take up a lot of time and energy. With a McLoughlin mini digger for your Sunshine Coast crew, those tasks become much simpler. Use the digger attachment to quickly excavate the necessary spaces for new plants. Attach the lawn ripper and take back control of an unruly space to allow your men to remake the area. Even a lawn mower attachment is available to convert your mini digger quickly into a riding mower that will make quick work of tall grass.

When you buy one of these machines, you aren’t just purchasing convenience and better efficiency. You can translate those gains into more work spread over the day. When regular jobs take less time than they ever did before, why not book more? With mini diggers, you can stretch your crew’s abilities and energy much further than before.

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When you’re ready to ramp up the number of landscaping jobs you can take in Sunshine Coast, a mini digger is a clear choice. From the superior build quality of our equipment to our continual commitment to customer satisfaction, McLoughlin Mini Diggers is ready to assist you. All of our machinery comes with a two-year warranty, Australia wide, which covers all parts and labour. When you buy a digger, it’s investment in the future of your company. We understand, so we provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting that investment. If you’re ready to reshape the way you landscape, email us at info@fdequipment.com.au or visit our contact page now.

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