Petrol Vs Diesel Mini Digger

Petrol Vs Diesel Mini Digger

Petrol VS Diesel Mini Digger

Unsure which Mini Digger is best suited to you?

Choosing between Petrol or Diesel really depends on your individual circumstances and what you are requiring from the machine and is based on a case by case basis. When purchasing any type of Machinery the age old question which is better Petrol or Diesel?  You first have to make the decision on what type of engine would be best suited to your needs. Depending on your circumstances and what you are requiring from the machine will help to determine what is the best fit for you and your business.

Showing off the Outlaw's Arm Lift heightWhat are your typical working conditions on site?

  • Is your work site small with not much room to move around in? If so Mini Diggers are the best fit for tight spaces with their manoeuvrability due to the short wheelbase design, allowing for easy access and making  it easier to negotiate tight turns.
  • When working in a mountainous area a diesel engine may be a better fit. Petrol engines can run a richer air/fuel combination due to less oxygen in the air at high altitudes, The difference in air density provides lower combustion temperature and pressure, resulting in reduced horsepower.

Outlaw Diesel showing it's power with Auger

Which attachments are most commonly used on site?

  • A diesel engine will deliver more torque, and has a flywheel,  giving you increased pulling/digging force when using attachments in hard ground conditions
  • If you are using the Mini Digger to just move material (mulch, soil, rock,  debris) a Petrol machine might be your best choice. You’ll be operating the unit for shorter periods of time and will not require the torque efficiencies of a diesel engine. Saving you the initial outlay of buying a diesel mini digger.


Mcloughlin Outlaw showing it's strength by flipping a burnt out car

How long do you intend to keep the mini digger?

The initial outlay cost on a Diesel Machine is more than that of a Petrol. Diesel engines are known to be alot more durable and reliable, and tend to last longer than that of a Petrol engine. 
With it’s function on a compression ignition as opposed to spark ignition, it creates les
s stress on engine components and as a result they tend to last longer. This factor could help justify the higher up front cost of a diesel Mini Digger.


Showing off the Mcloughlin Outlaw

Fuel Usage per an hour of operation.

  • Diesel Engines offer greater push and pull power over the Petrol Engines and the fuel economy is up to 35 – 40% better than that in a Petrol Engine. Once up and running  a diesel engine is extremely economical and are more fuel efficient

Ease of Service and available Maintenance

  • Do you have a preferred mechanic/service centre that is specialised in that particular area? Both Petrol and Diesel Mini Diggers are easily serviceable machines.
  • Does your business currently only run a certain fuel type? You may want to consider staying with that option to stop confusion especially in a re-fuelling situation.
  • Both Petrol and Diesel loaders are easily serviced. Diesel engines don’t tend to need as often maintenance as a Petrol Engine.
  • Re-Sale Value of Diesel Machines is much higher


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