From landscaping to construction to farming and beyond, many of the industries we serve at McLoughlin Mini Loaders need two things to complete their projects: the right machinery and the workforce necessary to get the work done. Both these categories create sizable business expenses that are difficult to trim. However, by investing in MML mini diggers in Perth, you might just be able to save on your operating expenses and maximise profits.

Increasing Productivity with New Mini Loaders in Perth

The machines that we have in our fleet at McLoughlin Mini Loaders are designed to do the work of multiple people. For instance, the Scrub Master can do the work of two to three workers—especially in situations when you are doing work within a tight space. The Scrub Master is small and manoeuvrable, enabling it to get into areas that are typically inaccessible to other machines. If there is work you have previously had to do by hand because the tight access took bigger pieces of equipment out of the equation, the Scrub Master will provide an especially large boost to the productivity of your operation.

The Scrub Master is not the only McLoughlin mini digger available in Perth. Vehicles from our flagship Bush Ranger line are also available in the region. These models include the standard Bush Ranger, as well as the Tracked Bush Ranger, which is ideal for rugged, difficult environments such as mud, soft soil and uneven ground. Whether your team is excavating a worksite, working on a landscaping job or laying down new electrical installations, these vital and widely-trusted pieces of equipment will help make the job easier and more productive.

Scrub Master Mini Loader


• Affordable entry level loader
• Dual axis controls for ease of use
• Twin oil pump system

Bush Ranger Mini loader


• Has high flow triple pump
• Full joy stick control
• Auxiliary line has a designated pump

Tracked Bush Ranger Mini Loader


• Excellent for use in mud & soft soil
• Made of 6mm steel for durability
• Can be fitted in under 10 minutes

Terrific Warranty Cover from McLoughlin Mini Loaders in Perth

When you buy a mini loader in Perth from McLoughlin, you don’t just get an incredibly well-built piece of equipment; you also get a piece of equipment that is backed by a tough-to-beat warranty. At McLoughlin Mini Loaders, we want you to be able to start each project with the peace of mind that the equipment is going to hold up for the full extent of the job.

We know that many clients buy our mini diggers in Perth because they want to increase their productivity and improve their profit margins. Few things are more detrimental to productivity or profit than equipment breakdowns. Because of this fact, we wanted to build a fleet that was truly worthy of the phrase ‘built to last.’

We believe that we have achieved that goal. All the mini loaders in our fleet come with two full years of warranty coverage. The warranty applies Australia wide, so you can buy your mini digger in Perth, use it for projects nationwide and trust that it is covered by our warranty. In the rare situation that you do experience a breakdown or technical difficulty, we will be vigilant about providing effective and timely repairs.

If you are interested in learning more about McLoughlin Mini Loaders or our mini diggers and mini loaders in Perth, please give us a call directly today. You can reach us by dialling 07 3274 3533.

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