Over the track tyres

Polyurethane track system for mini skid steer loaders

The McLoughlin Over-the-tyre tracks system is built to last. It is made with Military grade polyurethane and is Australian made and manufactured here in Brisbane. Our Over-The-Tyre track system is the first of its kind, accommodating Mini-loaders to provide increased traction, mobility, better overall control and stability all while being quick and easy to install.

With our tracks interlocking system and non-stretch design it gives you not only the durability but also the stability, enabling you to take your Mini-loader further and faster than ever before. Our Over-the-tyre system allows you to travel over sand, loose gravel and mud, being ideal for landscapers, builders, acreage owners and farmers.

If you own another brand of mini loader and are wondering if these tracks will fit your machine, click HERE and we will forward you the fitting guide


  • First of its kind for Mini-Loaders
  • Increased mobility
  • Increased stability
  • Enhanced traction
  • High quality components
  • Designed for extreme conditions
  • Excels in tough terrain
  • Increased flotation
  • Cost effective
  • Installed under an hour
  • Replaceable rubber pads
  • Built to last

Over the Tyre Tracks Brochure

With the McLoughlin Over The Tyre Track fitted to your Mini Loader there are not many places your Mini Loader can’t go.

From rough terrain, sand, mud or rocky ground, the McLoughlin Over The Tyre Track will have your back.


We’ve made our Over-The-Tyre Polyurethane system tough and durable! Due to out design, our tracks will far outlast straight rubber tracks, whilst protecting your Mini-loader tyres from harsh terrain.


 Our Over-The-Tyre Polyurethane system helps you get to where you need to go, giving you traction, stability, control and protection and making it less likely that your Mini-Loader will get stuck in difficult terrains.


Over-The-Tyre Polyurethane tracks have been designed to be easy and fast to install and remove. Your Over-The-Tyre rubber tracks can be installed in just 30minutes and 20minutes to remove.

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