Over The Tyre Tracks OR Fixed Tracks

Over The Tyre Tracks OR Fixed Tracks

Over The Tyre Tracks OR Fixed Tracks

We have been asked this question numerous times!  What is better Over the Tyre Tracks or Fixed Tracks?

With the McLoughlin Over The Tyre Track system fitted to your Mini Loader. There aren’t many places your Mini Loader can’t go.  From rough terrain, sand, mud or rocky ground. The McLoughlin Over The Tyre Tracks will have your back.  The unique interlocking polyurethane design, is the culmination of years of design work and testing that has proven indestructible.

Making it durable and stable to enable you to take your Mini Loader further and faster than ever before. This system has fewer parts, making it more durable and easier to maintain than the fixed track option system. The McLoughlin track system requires no greasing or adjustments making it alot simpler to maintain.

Our over the tyre track system allows you to travel over sand, loose gravel and mud. Being ideal for landscapers, builders, acreage owners and farmers.

Over the tyre tracks or fixed tracks


  • Universal fitment over 18 x 8 x 8.5 tyres
  • Improves flotation
  • Interlocking segments eliminates stretching
  • Designed for 4 wheel drive inside tracks to reduce slipping
  • Unique design allows sand to escape
  • Individual components are replaceable
  • Ideal for sand, gravel, mud and steep inclines
  • Improves machine stability, grip and lifting capacity
  • Will not damage concrete
  • Cost effective
  • First of its kind for mini loaders
  • Less than 30 minutes installation


Click here to Download the brochure:   https://www.mcloughlinloaders.com/attachments/over-the-tire-tracks/