Outlaw Petrol

The McLoughlin Outlaw P Mini Loader is the German Tank of the mini loader world and has been designed for heavy use by contractors/hire operators in the most demanding of conditions. The Outlaw P features a world first in its design 2 speed with additional overdrive feature to maximize your productivity.

The Outlaw P sports a 23HP Kohler engine that pushes 3200PSI of oil pressure, and is fuelled by 2 x 25L steel fuel tanks to keep running for longer.

* 23HP Kohler Petrol Engine
* Ground Speed up to 8.5 km/h
* Operating weight of 1000KG
* 2 Pump Hydraulic System
* Soft touch ergonomic controls
* Hard wearing tyres
* 2 Speed with overdrive

* Proportional Trencher Valve
* Increased lifting capacity
* Dual Hydraulic Outputs
* 10mm Plate Contruction

Outlaw Petrol Brochure

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