Mini Digger Hiring VS Buying

Mini Digger Hiring VS Buying

Mini Digger Hiring VS Buying

Hiring VS Buying the age old question.  Constant hiring of a machine can be a costly procedure especially if it’s required over and over again. Understandably there are alot of contributing factors as to why you may want to hire. For one it is a simpler option to hire a machine in your business, particularly if you are only requiring it occasionally or for a short period of time.
It’s also a great choice for new businesses entering new sectors. It can also be a good alternative for customers who need updated equipment to secure new contracts, but may not have the cash flow to purchase a new machine outright. Purchasing a machine through finance or outright works out to roughly around $9.50 per day in turn saving you money from having to hire.

But why not think about purchasing?

Hiring vs Buying

Mini Loaders make a great addition to any contractor’s fleet. This amazing piece of machinery can dig, load and move just about anything you need, from dirt to debris, mulch, grass and leaves.

Having one of these compact yet powerful machines at your disposal can make many jobs quicker, thus giving you something you value more than anything — TIME.

When choosing between hiring vs buying a Mini Digger, you have to think of the return you will make on your investment. I can tell you owning your own digger will be well worth it especially when you factor in cutting down on labour time. It takes fewer people to dig a hole with one of these machines. This improves productivity on the worksite.

When a contractor invests in equipment, they want to ensure they are making the best decision before handing over thousands of dollars to a dealer. Which is why you should always research and ask as many questions as you can.

You do not want to purchase a machine that is more powerful than needs required, but also may want to plan for growth in your business. It could be wanting to take on bigger jobs or expanding into another area of business.

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