Nothing lasts forever, a truth that is both unfortunate and inconvenient – because, after years of faithful service, your mini digger is sputtering toward its end. It no longer delivers the necessary performance, fumbling beneath the weight of every demand; and a replacement will soon be needed. There’s no time, however, to spare for countless store visits. You have a series of projects to complete, and you can’t waste hours battling sales team for competitive prices.

McLoughlin Mini Loaders understands, and this is why we offer mini diggers online, connecting our clients to the quality machines they need – and the service they deserve. We emphasise satisfaction with every purchase, ensuring that you receive high-performance power, extended warranties, and a dynamic selection of parts and attachments.

Through this, buying a mini digger online becomes a natural process – freeing people from the hassle of in-store purchasing and allowing them to devote their attentions to their companies. To learn more contact us today by phone (07-3274-3533) or by email (

Scrub Master Mini Loader


• Affordable entry level loader
• Dual axis controls for ease of use
• Twin oil pump system

Bush Ranger Mini loader


• Has high flow triple pump
• Full joy stick control
• Auxiliary line has a designated pump

Tracked Bush Ranger Mini Loader


• Excellent for use in mud & soft soil
• Made of 6mm steel for durability
• Can be fitted in under 10 minutes

Seeking an Online Mini Digger: Our Selection

As the premier provider of mini diggers online, we recognise that our clients demand more than convenience. They also crave quality, and this is why we offer a wide selection of attachments, spare parts, and more – ensuring that all tasks can be quickly (and efficiently) accomplished.

Our mini diggers online embrace productivity, allowing our clients to experience:

  • Responsive V-Twin Power.
  • Ergonomic Controls.
  • Manoeuvrable Designs.
  • 52LPM Flow Performance.
  • High Departure Angling (to more efficiently adapt to terrains).
  • High Intensity LED Lighting (to accommodate early morning or late evening tasks).
  • Steel Constructions.

These elements combine to ensure optimal performance, with each online mini digger adapting to landscaping, construction, agricultural tasks, and more.

To further enhance the production process, our mini diggers online also boast a variety of attachments (such as earth drills and augers). This flexibility allows our clients to create custom solutions for every project, and it eliminates the need for multiple machines.

Easy Purchasing: Buying a Mini Digger Online

Busy schedules leave little time for in-store visits. Your presence is, after all, required at every site – with you guiding your team toward success. There are no hours left to spare for shopping.

We recommend seeking an online mini digger. Discover quality construction and a bevvy of attachments – all from the convenience of your computer screen. We provide our clients with easy access to the machines they need, as well as a wide selection of shipping options (we offer nationwide delivery through major freight distributors). This convenience simplifies every sale.

Buying a mini digger online allows each client to define the shopping process. To learn more contact us.

Looking for Mini Diggers Online? Request Further Information Today from McLoughlin Mini Loaders.

No longer suffer through time-consuming brick-and-mortar experiences. Allow us to provide mini diggers online instead. Contact our team today via our automated form for spec sheets, financing options, and more.

Auger Torque trencher for mini loaders


Mini loader spare parts