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McLoughlin’s Mini Loaders have been recognised by Power News Magazine

McLoughlin’s Mini Loaders have been recognised by Power News Magazine We’re so excited to share that our McLoughlin Mini Loaders were recognised by Power News Magazine. Featured in the leading industry publication, McLoughlin Loaders received recognition for The McLoughlin Diesel Outlaw. Recognised as machinery that punches above its weight “McLoughlin Mini Loaders and Yanmar punch […]

Find out Where to Buy a Mini Digger in Australia

Expansion defines your company - with each day delivering a new client, a new task. You’ve established yourself as an industry force, propelling past the competition and dominating sales. That domination threatens to end, however, with the sudden loss of your mini digger in Australia. You’re no longer able to meet all performance demands, and [...]

Buy a Mini Digger Online through McLoughlin Mini Loaders

Nothing lasts forever, a truth that is both unfortunate and inconvenient - because, after years of faithful service, your mini digger is sputtering toward its end. It no longer delivers the necessary performance, fumbling beneath the weight of every demand; and a replacement will soon be needed. There’s no time, however, to spare for countless [...]

Searching for a Mini Digger in Sydney to Buy? McLoughlin Mini Loaders Can help.

It’s a series of excuses - with your employees finding countless (and increasingly creative) ways to avoid working weekends. They can never seem to spare a Saturday. Your explanation of ever-expanding project demands doesn’t impress, and your promise of overtime doesn’t tempt. They simply refuse, leaving you to bear the burden of shifting soil, laying [...]

McLoughlin Mini Diggers Has The Best Mini Diggers On The Gold Coast

The advantages to using our mini diggers on the Gold Coast Solid construction built to last even in the toughest Australian conditions. Why buy a machine that will not stand the test of time and the elements? McLoughlin mini diggers are rugged through and through, from their precisely machined Italian valves to the steel frame. [...]

Choose McLoughlin Mini Loaders for Sunshine Coast Mini Diggers

When it comes to the overall look and feel of property, there's no underestimating the power of good landscaping. With the ability to frame the property, create a sense of elegance, or just beautify the surroundings, landscaped greenery improves the look of a space immeasurably. Working in landscaping means providing your services in all kinds [...]

Buy a Mini Loader in Australia from the Industry Leaders, McLoughlin Mini Loaders

There are many reasons to buy a mini loader in Australia from McLoughlin Mini Loaders. Customers throughout Australia have done so and continue to grow our reputation throughout the country. For contractors, landscapers, builders, and many others, our mini loaders are dream machines. With the use of our many attachments, our machines have become the [...]

Gold Coast landscapers and electricians among highest paid tradies in nation

GOLD Coast sparkies and landscapers are being dubbed the “new rich” as fresh figures show they are among the highest paid in the country. The average hourly rate for Glitter Strip landscapers is an eye-popping $91, while electricians are pulling in $77, new statistics from tradie work website reveal. The average hourly rate for […]

4 things you must know before ordering any plant trailer!

Plant Trailer Brakes: What Options Are Available?     As you know, it is impossible to purchase a caravan without brakes and the same holds true for a plant trailer (machinery trailer). The question now is: What machinery trailer brake options are available out there? And which one is right for you? Mechanical Override Braking […]

High-Quality Perth Mini Diggers and Mini Loaders for Affordable Prices

From landscaping to construction to farming and beyond, many of the industries we serve at McLoughlin Mini Loaders need two things to complete their projects: the right machinery and the workforce necessary to get the work done. Both these categories create sizable business expenses that are difficult to trim. However, by investing in MML mini [...]

McLoughlin Mini Loaders South Korea

As you may or may not know, Alex Kim established McLoughlin Mini Loaders Korea in May 2017. Alex could clearly see with rising wages costs in Seoul that the days of moving soil by hand was coming to an end. On the 4th of August 2017 Alex proudly took delivery of 4 more McLoughlin Bush […]

Open Up Your Own Mini Loader Hire Shop When You Buy Mini Loaders near Brisbane

What if you could sit back and collect pay cheques by starting your own rental business? It is easier than you think. When you buy a mini loader from Brisbane industry leader McLoughlin Mini Loaders, you are purchasing an instant business. We have been providing our mini loaders for landscapers, contractors, and even minor civil [...]

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