Advantages of 2 Hydraulic Pumps over 1

Advantages of 2 Hydraulic Pumps over 1

Advantages of 2 Hydraulic Pumps over 1

Hydraulic Pumps are a major necessity when using a Mini Loader. When you use a Mini Loader with only one hydraulic pump you are really restricting yourself and your project being completed in a timely fashion. With only one pump in use when using an attachment on a machine it slows down the machine and the attachment as it is trying to share power.

With the addition of a second pump you never have to worry about the ‘robbing peter for paul’  you will have a split flow with one pump used to power the machine the other pump is able to provide significant power to the attachment chosen for your particular project.

One Hydraulic Pump:

A single hydraulic pump in a mini loader is best suited to predominately bucket work. This is because ALL functions of the machines hydraulic is being pushed and powered by a single pump. That means that when you drive forward, the one pump powers the wheels. When you raise the arms, that same pump is pushing the arms up, now open and close your 4 in 1 bucket. and again the same pump is powering that too.

The challenge with a single hydraulic pump is that every time you try and perform  two functions at once (like driving forward and raising the arms), you will find the machine will slow down or the arms will be slower. This is because the one hydraulic pump is doing the work of all of those functions.  You are effectively ‘starving’ one part of the machine in lieu of another. Or visa-versa. Now to open the bucket at the same time it just got worse.

A single pump machine is not suited to long days of trenching. It won’t work for a few reasons, however one is that the oil will just get too hot. Hydraulic fluid temperatures above 82°C can damage hydraulic seals compounds and accelerate degradation of the oil. Both of these things increases maintenance costs and slows you down drastically on a job site.

So if you are running a single pump or looking to buy a machine with a single pump, be sure to limit the amount of attachment work that you do, or you may be disappointed.

Two Hydraulic pumps

Ultimately two hydraulic pumps are better than one, because it means that you will have the ability to perform two functions at the one time without ‘starving’ the machine for hydraulic oil flow. This is something a single pump machine will ALWAYS struggle with. As mentioned above, try performing two functions at the same time and  you will quickly see the limitations. Very quickly you have reached the upper limit of what is possible with a single pump. The short coming are quite considerable.

A twin pump system works far better. However EVERY hydraulic design is very different between  different brands. So the way one machine works, will be different to another. Regardless of the hydraulic setup between different brands, a twin pump machine will always be superior to a single pump system.

A two hydraulic pump machine is generally a machine used by contractors (or who use their machine for work) or those that want to use a variety of different attachments. A double (or triple pump) machine is the machine of choice if you are setting yourself up in business and would like to future proof your business with the right machine choice. You don’t want to have to purchase another machine in the early future because you did not do your research initially.

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