Mini Loader power – How is it generated?

Every manufacturer will tell you that they have the most powerful machine on the market… but few will tell you how it the power is actually generated.  A bigger horse power engine does not mean a more powerful machines… yes thats right! It is true. This article breaks down how mini loader power is actually generated. Read more here!

Hydraulic quick couplings explained – How you can save money TODAY!!

In the final chapter of this 4 part series, we share what coupling may be costing you money in unnecessary maintenance. Read NOW!

Hydraulic quick couplings explained – and why they may be costing you money, part 3!

Part 3, we unpack the details of the flat faced hydraulic quick couplings. Read more here!

Hydraulic quick couplings explained – and why they may be costing you money, part 2! 

Part 2 of our series on mini digger / mini loader and excavator quick couplings. Part 2 go into details the pros and cons of ‘poppet style’ quick couplings. Read more here!

Hydraulic quick couplings explained – and why they may be costing you money!

Hydraulic quick couplings are commonly used in mini diggers / mini loaders and excavators. However, which are best? More importantly, are yours costing you a lot of money in services and maintenance fees? Read on to find out! 

How not to void your insurance on your mini loader! 

Mini Loader insurance is a necessity to protect your investment. However there is one easy way your insurer will void your claim. Read on to find out how! 

Paint or power coating? 

When it comes to metal protection, you have two main options. Paint or powder coating. With paint being very popular, this article sheds some light on the powder coating process. Which is better for your mini loader or excavator? Read on to find out! 

Trailer Series Part 4: Single axle plant trailer or tandem?

With a range of plant trailer options available on the market today, there are many things to consider to ensure you get the right trailer for your application. One of those things is whether you need a single axle trailer or tandem. Which one is right for you? Find out here! 

Trailer Series Part 3: Trailer construction: Steel or Alloy??

Steel or alloy, which one is best for you? This is an discussion that has been hotly discussed for many years. Both metals are defined with their own set of characteristics which make it ideal — or a mistake — as materials for construction. Find out here which is best for you!

Trailer Series Part 2: Trailer suspension

For a lot of customers, trailer suspension is often something not always thought about. After all, isn’t it just coils, spring hangers bolts, springs, and shock absorbers?… But are things really that simple? Find out here!

Trailer Series Part 1: Plant Trailer Brakes: Which one?

As you know, it is impossible to purchase a caravan without brakes and the same holds true for a plant trailer (machinery trailer). The question now is: What machinery trailer brake options are available out there? And which one is right for you? Find out here!

Find out Where to Buy a Mini Digger in Australia

Expansion defines your company – with each day delivering a new client, a new task. You’ve established yourself as an industry force, propelling past the competition and dominating sales. That domination threatens to end, however, with …read more .

Want to Buy a Mini Digger in Brisbane ? McLoughlin Mini Loaders Provides Clients with Premium Parts and Custom Platforms.

The sight is less than professional. Your Brisbane mini digger rolls off the ramp – it’s paint chipped, it’s bearings exposed, and its engine sputtering. It doesn’t inspire confidence from your client, and it doesn’t inspire pride from your team …read more .

Three Reasons McLoughlin Mini Diggers Has the Best Mini Digger for Your Gold Coast Construction Needs

Every construction site is a buzzing hub of activity from the day the project begins to the day you complete that final finishing touch. All of that building doesn’t happen without a whole lot of logistical support, though. It’s not just …read more .

Buy a Mini Digger Online through McLoughlin Mini Loaders

Nothing lasts forever, a truth that is both unfortunate and inconvenient – because, after years of faithful service, your mini digger is sputtering toward its end. It no longer delivers the necessary performance, fumbling beneath the weight …read more .

Why Choose a McLoughlin Digger When It’s Time to Buy Mini Diggers for Your Sunshine Coast Landscaping Operations?

When it comes to the overall look and feel of property, there’s no underestimating the power of good landscaping. With the ability to frame the property, create a sense of elegance, or just beautify the surroundings, landscaped greenery improves the …read more .

Searching for a Mini Digger in Sydney to Buy? McLoughlin Mini Loaders Can help.

It’s a series of excuses – with your employees finding countless (and increasingly creative) ways to avoid working weekends. They can never seem to spare a Saturday. Your explanation of ever-expanding project demands doesn’t impress, and your promise …read more .

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Tackle Tough Jobs with Ease: Buy a New Mini Loader from Gold Coast Leader McLoughlin Mini Loaders

A hard day of work can be invigorating, enjoyable, and even satisfying. The feeling of a “job well done” at the end of the day is well worth the sweat it takes to get there. However, that doesn’t mean that you or the people you employ should …read more .

Increase Your Job Opportunities; Buy a Mini Loader Online from McLoughlin Mini Loaders

As a business owner, there are times when you have had to turn down work because you just do not have the resources with which to finish the job. Contractors, landscapers, and others that need a versatile machine that can provide assistance …read more .

Choosing McLoughlin Mini Loaders is the Superior Way to Buy a Mini Loader on the Sunshine Coast

The ability to move, shape, and transform the earth is one of the traits that defines us as humans. After all, humans have been reshaping the world to create settlements and cities for thousands of years. From the city of Petra carved out …read more .

Improve Productivity When You Buy a Mini Loader in Sydney from McLoughlin Mini Loaders

As a contractor in the Sydney area, you dream of having the necessary tools to be more efficient and more productive. Having those tools makes it possible for you to take on more work and ultimately increase the profits of your business. When you …read more .

High-Quality Mini Diggers and Mini Loaders for Affordable Prices in Perth

From landscaping to construction to farming and beyond, many of the industries we serve at McLoughlin Mini Loaders need two things to complete their projects: the right machinery and the workforce necessary to get the work done. …read more .

McLoughlin Mini Loaders South Korea

As you may or may not know, Alex Kim established McLoughlin Mini Loaders Korea in May 2017. Alex could clearly see with rising wages costs in Seoul that the days of moving soil by hand was coming to and more.

McLoughlin Mini Loaders Onsite with Aidan from AMMEC Electrical

Kieron was onsite at Helidon QLD with Aidan, who allowed us to film some of his job and provide us feedback which we then put into practice.Aidan is the proud owner of a McLoughlin Bush Ranger package, plus a McLoughlin J1T Mini Excavator package for the jobs that the Bush Ranger …read more.